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Why use a Design/Build Service?

Design/Build Remodeling is a process in which one company under a single contract coordinates and/or performs all phases of a project, from design and space planning through construction and finishing. It is estimated that over 40% of all remodels are performed with this method.

Working with a Design/Build Remodeler has many benefits. You, the customer, will have a simplified experience with a single point of contact and responsibility. Estimates are created with knowledge of the entire process, which means they are more accurate and inclusive. Plans are personalized to you and drawn in compliance with local code requirements and specifications. Design changes can also be easily adjusted during the course of the project.

All this contributes to a more seamless, organized and efficient remodeling project for you.

We're Expeirienced!


GCI Services has done over 1,000 projects in the local area. We've seen a lot and have worked thru many obstacles, gaining this valuable expeirience allows us to be ahead of the game before we even set foot on your project!

We're Educated!


GCI Services stays abreast of the latest trends, code changes and materials that can make or break your project.

We're creative!


We love to think outside of the box. You have an idea? Let's see if we can make it work!


Your dream can become your reality!

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